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What I know is called NEOCON 101. Why do people not know the history? Hello- it was the Dictators for Democracy Pr When People Made Fun of Me and Insulted Me I Fought Back...

Ghorbanifar is Connected to Ghosn..... Why Did We Give a !.4 Billion Dollar DOE Loan to a Company Whose CEO is Friends with a Guy that The State Dept. in an Unclassified Memo Says Ghosn's Friend is NOT a Person They Want to Deal With... BUT Says Iran is Someone That Wants to Deal with Ghosn's Friend......

Most people don't want to think that a corporate CEO can be connected to "evil" people that associate with Ams dealers like Ghorbanifar. There is a small "elite" group that succeeded during the CIA Dictator for Democracy Days... Carlos Ghosn became a global player because he was "trusted" because his dad had people thrown out of airplanes ..... That way the former Nazi's that had "lost"in WW2 and fled to South America could be successful.  They were happy to NOT be dead.  The CIA used their loyalty to secure South America and prevent communism.  The French got connected with Kennedy.

 It's kindof complicated.  Maybe because I understand it that is why NISSAN VP Mark Stout told me I was too smart to work at NISSAN?

Get this Had Stout given me the 35 an hour part time job that I wanted and was the most qualified for I  never would have complained to Tavares about the Good Ole Boy network and NONE of this would have happened.
Catherine told me a lot.... One time we were eating dinner at Stony River and she got a call and was speaking French... the she told him to have a Good Day.. Not a Good Night... that meant the man was most likely in Japan... Catherine asked me questions that were given to her from the man, she asked me "why was I doing this (complaining about HR)  I said I wanted a job.  ..... When my ideas for CSR were put on the NISSAN Global website.. I "thought"it was MR. Tavares... I found out recently it came from Ghosn's people.  They must have know that their American Allies led by Greg Kelly, Mark Stout were discriminating?  So while I was blogging "just" about them Ghosn was "willing" to hire me.  I was told I would be in charge of diversity...after the board meeting.  I was led to believe Tavares was taking over..... huh....   Originally I blogged that the "Good Ole Boys" did not want the EV to succeed. I was told it would be "Haley Barbour's ticket to the White House..."   Barbour gave NISSAN some Big Cushy Deals in Tennessee.  For the first year of the blog I put suggestions on my blog for the Leaf to succeed.

All I wanted was a job.   The Tennessee HR leaders were profiteering from Real Estate deals and getting kickbacks from corporate contracts from when NISSAN made the move to Tennessee.  When I did relocation I had a reputation for questioning "issues" that made HR uncomfortable.  Leases were done that gave owners of LLC's excessive rents, and large deposits were not retured to NISSAN after the expats left.  I asked Why?  When I was exposing them Ghosn did NOT care.....but that is when Catherine had the call that I had to answer questions...

People connected to Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen - Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr did the "same" thing in "creative leases" that benefited them and their friends financially on a much larger scale Then they started a Solar Funding company.... that got Al Gores people involved.  At that time it was not State money been wasted it was FEDERAL...  I'm an ethical person.. as a taxpayer it made me mad.

Evidently that's when I scared Carlos Ghosn: I was exposing green fraud that was connected to China-Russia-Germany-the Middle East- Finland-Israel- France-etc.....    When I heard and got it confirmed about the Battery being built to fail because NISSAN did not have the technology I blogged about that and THAT"s when I got arrested.  Because that "fraud" could be proven due to the False Claims Act.  If they did not discredit me then NIssan would have had to answer some tough question Earlier people connected to Al Gore reached out to me.  Also people connected to the State.  I really to think that most of them believed NISSAN had the technology to make a viable "mass" marketed EV. that's because I had access to find out "how" me made it to the top.   Nothing else makes sense....

Maybe that's why I was deemed the #2 Security risk for NISSAN globally because I had "credibility".
This man on the My NISSAN Leaf Forum made fun of the situation... It's actually "close" to how he described it.  Ghosn's Arms dealer friends are connected to the Drug trade..  A lot of the mainstream media outlets are owned by people that made their fortunes during the CIA Dictator for Democracy Days..... it was an era that had destroyed the lives of many.  Mitt Romney has shown me he wants that era back. That makes me sad.   Currently the Middle East is having growing pains.  The people that lived under dictators that got their power via the CIA became corrupt.  We've been playing a deadly Chess game for a generation.  It's time for Ghosn to his allies Mubarack-Gaddafi-Sarkozy-Blair & others.  The world needs more Merkels-Clinton's-Lagardes.....

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jspearman wrote:
Your situation sounds an awful lot like an old A-Team episode. Watch out for the angry Mexican warlord, for he seems dangerous, if not the best of marksmen.

Not worried about Mexicans they're happy with NISSAN .... A LOT of Jobs are going there.
Got a call from a guy in Irvine: Senior Directors in Tennessee are moving BACK to California. He asks me why.

Last year a man called me from the UK they were thinking of moving to Tennessee. One of the top people at NISSAN gave him my number:An Officer of Nissan Motors told him to call me. When he heard about the corrupt culture he decided against moving ... it's sad. We need jobs.

Getting back to your comment it does seem like an A Team episode. Read the article Jalopnik did



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