Friday, September 28, 2012


My mom took me to a cock fight in Thailand before I started 1st grade.   I did not eat chicken for a while after that.... In France I was forced to eat a "bunny" ...    There's a reason why so many people read my blog.
It's because I have "credibility" I had been silent for almost 20 years and would have NEVER said anything about my past research days had NISSAN not outed me.  When I was made such a high risk I knew what happened.  I was told I was accused of  using an "alias"..... Hello it was my married name. Never did I decieve anyone.  People in the community are telling me "what" NISSAN executives have been saying about me.  I've been slandered (in so many ways).    FYI-  I even sent an email to Carlos Tavares in  2009 telling him to please address me as simply Sharyn because I wanted to leave a man who I did not tell about my past to "out of it"..  Do people understand how horrible it is for him to have been married to someone for over a decade and then find out they come from a family connected to the CIA?  Seriously- I'm lucky that he's a decent guy.  Still he's felt the retaliation too.  It's not fair & probably not legal.  Can someone investigate?  Thank you! Cambodia and South Vietnam Daly had never received a message back from his cable to President Ford or Henry Kissinger. Therefore, he decided to take on the responsibility of helping save hundreds of lives. It did not matter much it would cost to save the children.

Rob Trayham of NISSAN Corp. Service made fun of PTSD.  I'm not saying that I got it from the Cockfight or the French Cuisine.   I got it in the former USSR.  Many women are coming back from the Middle East and since most of the country does not understand that women can suffer from PTSD and that it's not a mental illness but an anxiety disorder it's important for someone to communicate to the masses and the medical elite the facts and the reality of PTSD in reference to women.  


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