Friday, September 14, 2012

Darth Vader

Read  What  People Connected to Sal Russo  did to the Whistleblower at the RNC Convention

Carlos Ghosn I was raised by Darth Vader "creepy" types too.  Still I'm an ethical person.. YOU on the other hand run a company that discriminates.  makes UGLY cars and have ripped off America  In America people are not responsible for "the sins" of their parents and I'm NOT responsible for anything my ancestors did.  Carlos Ghosn YOUR not responsible from Operation Condor.... but your daddy is. When YOU started doing deals connected to Khashoggi then YOU became responsible fro YOUR actions.

Sal Russo was "raised" in Monterey.  He's connected to "creepy" people.  My family was in the airline industry.  Dots have "come together.  I had a police detective leave a note on my windshield that I left my dome light on ....This is NOT your ordinary police office.   YES!! I'm happy that the Franklin police FINALLY cares about my continued existence.  It sure did "take them a while"..... ?

My blood pressure is HIGH and I do NOT want to continue to "blog" about the "creepy" people.  Sir, I'm smart I know that y'all want to kill me.  Instead of exposing your antics I just want NISSAN to mediate - settle for all the abuse I've had the last 3 years and I want MY reputation back.  Mr. Ghosn YOU can keep doing deals with terrorist nations.  I cannot stop you.  If you want to do business with Iran and the Obama administration has "no problem" then OK.  Go cater to Khomeini Heck Mr. Ghosn help out Syria too.  I'm sure the state of Tennessee does not care that you support nations that fuel weapons that have killed out troops.  I testified TWICE at the state capital and NOTHING stopped NISSAN from taking an "extra" 37 million in IDB bond debt in December 2011 ( I testified In Sept. and November 2011)  sure some bond brokers make a "quick" buck.... FANTASTIC. Maybe their hiring people to mow they lawn and wash the family Lexus.   

Carlos Ghosn I do NOT care that YOU discriminate.  If the women in Tennessee KNOW that women in management went from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% in 2009 the year that I whistle blew well "fuck" them. 
They are too stupid to have jobs.  Obviously the women that hear me testify at the state capital did NOT care about the discrimination.   Obviously Kim Helper the Williamson County DA does not care that Franklin took out bond debt for NISSAN and the "debt service" is costing the city a couple million a year.   It's OK that the schools have "less" money for books.  Foreign language instruction which is almost non existent has been "cut back" and lots of other added tools needed for Tennessee to academically survive for intellectual survival are not available but I guess it's OK because NISSAN got  a "great deal" on the rent they pay in Tennessee.

Did the former mayor that is the friend of Governor Haslam "make enough money" on the deals made that got NISSAN to move to Tennessee?  John Schroer seems like a "great guy". He created a society in Tennessee that's given me FLASHBACKS to Cold War.  Putin would be proud of the culture in Tennessee it's TOTALLY Mafia inspired.   I have so much more to say that must be OK to the people of Tennessee because NOBODY is speaking up for me after ALL the abuse I've endured.  I guess bringing back MORE bodies from the Middle East is the goal for the people in the stupid Southern States. It's because of Carlos Ghosn and his friends that so many people in developing countries HATE America.  The troops were NOT treated like liberators when they "freed Iraq"  WHY... We'll the Iraqi's were pissed off that America did not arrive earlier.  CIA had told them they'd be liberated in the early 90's but then Saudi stopped the march to Baghdad because 'they footed the bill" and they wanted the EMBARGO to last longer JUST to keep the price of the barrel high.   

Wow.  that was a good rant... y'all have a great weekend.....

It's time to give the whistleblower RESPECT.  
It's time for America to get RESPECT
It's time for GLOBAL RESPECT

God Bless America.


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