Friday, September 21, 2012

Cocktails With Sharyn Honors Portugal & Carlos Tavares the Renault COO


Nissan Whistleblower Inspired by Ed Gillespie, Rudy Giuliani - PRWeb
Apr 18, 2011 – Sharyn Bovat of Franklin Tennessee has faced months of court ... says she's inspired by Rudy Giuliani, Ed Gillespie and Carlos Tavares in her ...

Here's an exerpt from that Press Release... Had people in Tennessee known of the problems MAYBE the bullying of a whistleblower would not have happened?

Sharyn is inspired to continue with her blogs due to Carlos Tavares the Chairman of the Americas for NISSAN. Mr. Tavares listened to Bovat when nobody else would at NISSAN North America. Nissan’s own internal statistics show that women in management decreased from 20.9% to 10% after the North American HQ moved to Tennessee from California. According to Sharyn Bovat believes her arrests were retaliation from whistle blowing against a “Good Ole Boy” network that dominates the south. Carlos Tavares gave Sharyn “the Freedom” to fight for what she believed to be morally right and attempt to change the corporate culture at NISSAN North America in a very “out of the box” way. On her blog Bovat has is documented that she communicated with Nissan IT management “after” her viral protest began and that she had emails from Mr. Tavares

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