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Sent this to a NASHVILLE City Councilmember that wanted information.....

Just sent this to a Council member who wanted to know what kind of cronyism & corruption was happening.


Thank you for your interest...  just doing a quick cut and paste here's a bit of info:

I was told "if" the government leaders & bureaucrats had ethical business practices and eliminated the pork... Nashville & Tennessee would have surpluses and NOT rely on the Federal Government for so much "assistance".

“The value of new construction contracts in Tennessee increased by 71 percent in March, keeping the value of year-to-date contracts up 50 percent, to $2.3 billion.” Nashville Business Journal
Last year I was told by Mark Silverman the former editor of the Tennessean that an investigative "team" at Gannett uncovered a LOT of corruption and wasteful spending of taxpayer money construction companies that get state contracts that "over charge" and some use illegal workers via outsourcing He did not say the name of the construction company BUT said it gets a LOT of contracts ALL over the state. He said they were connected to the Good Ole Boy network that "controls the state".....  Why didn't the Tennessean run the article?
Another source told me of some VERY excessive spending at a Nashville Area High school.  Competitive bidding and accountability is lacking.
Another told me that a state auditor prays with his men's bible study group about "what" he's not allowed to put in his reports.   People in this society are terrified to tell the truth about corruption for fear of retaliation.

"$10 million for the Metro Police Department, which would use most of the money for lab equipment and other needs at the DNA crime lab.
Police Chief Steve Anderson has said the department would benefit greatly from being able to do its own DNA analysis rather than relying on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation."  the Tennessean

Yes! - This is a TBI Issue...   TBI is infested with cronyism and I can see why Metro would want "independent" resources.  Still the better solution is to make TBI accountable and provide the services Nashville needs.   I do not think you need TWO state of the art labs in Nashville.  FYI- Mark Silverman KNOWS Nashville and called the TBI the "Gestapo" ...  from personal experience he is correct.  After I whistle-blew at NISSAN State Troopers followed me (sometimes I felt like I was stalked).  I had to send a message to Japan to a NISSAN board member to get the harassment stopped.

A guy that did surveillance for the Feds told me almost a year ago about the medical fraud in Tennessee: Mark Silverman knows about it too. It has to do with Billing/hospitals and multiple data entries with the same patient but changing the spelling first names. Robert to Bob to Rob He said OBAMACare would bankrupt America with ALL the fraud. He lives in another state and all the data is with different agencies. i have "no clue" what's happening on that except it will be BIG and I'm to now trust anyone with info: Which is limited because people don't tell me for it's confidential and they do not want me to blog about it.  (I've had several websites up at about problems in Tennessee has been viewed by over 100 countries, has had over 2 million hits and 500,000+ page views.  The controversial stuff was taken down.  
A lot of "real estate" deals have happened and when bond money is used people don't seem to care about paying TOO MUCH for the property. The problem is the money has to be paid back.

Also a former neighbor of mine who worked in construction at Vanderbilt is the man that told me to NEVER ask questions about construction in Tennessee. He said it's the Holy Grail...

I do not think there should be a tax increases anywhere in Tennessee UNTIL the corruption, bad spending & cronyism issues are addressed by the City of Nashville, the States Legislative Branch and the Governor of Tennessee.

There's an engineering firm for highway overpasses that is "woman owned" if you ever met the woman that supposedly  runs the company you'd never drive over an overpass in Tennessee.  Nashville claims to have "great diversity" and favors business that are owned by women.  Many of those companies are part of the "Good Ole Boy" clique.  I'm not saying Good Ole Boys should not get contracts i'm saying that the taxpayer money needs to be spent wisely and for ALL people in society to have the opportunity to succeed.  Not just people that are connected to the "right" people. 

FYI- everything I've told you has been on my blogs.... your getting the "short" version :):)

I was told by a "very good source" that it will take 2 generations to "clean up" the corrupt culture in Tennessee. 
The key is to get Tennessee to "admit" that there's a problem.  That starts with defining corruption

"The IDB has issued a total of $3.95 billion in bonds to Nissan throughout the life of the project to cover the plant's construction and some equipment, and Nissan still owes on $2 billion more in outstanding bonds, according to Bouldin. There's no way to know how much is due in 2022 on the second payment, he stated, noting the agreement merely establishes a minimum payment..."  

The Tennessean

Already theirs TOO much bond debt.  NISSAN has about 4 Billion with Rutherford County alone.  The collateral for the DOE loan is an IDB bond.  A very high up source said Nissan North America the subsidies will "most likely" go bankrupt and restructure.  The taxpayers will be liable for the DOE loan of 1.4 billion.   It will have to be exercised.   I testified at the state capital TWICE.  Nissan still took another 37,000,000 in December 2011.  What's happening is Terrifying.  The retirees will suffer.  NISSAN committed fraud and I've talked to some of the most POWERFUL lawyers in the country.  I have engineers that will testify NISSAN is using the "same" battery technology from the 90's"  NISSAN insiders have told me their disgusted with how their company has "ripped off" America.  I even said that at the State capital and nobody listened.    It's sad.   Anyway NISSAN got some Nashville money too and lots of state money they got over 193.000.000 and I was one of the relocation people that "helped spend" the taxpayer money.  Some of that money was spent for me to find spas for oxygen facials and for wives to fly business class EVERY month.  The money was given to NISSAN with out oversight and I told that to a NISSAN board member in spring 2009.  My life has been horrible with the retaliation.  


In reference to the State ECD-Michael Thomason held a top administrative job in Bredesen’s administration in the employment security division (I believe they ONLY have two top administrators?) was most likely paid by the taxpayers to be my bridge partner this went on for over a year - Thomason was connected to Reagan Farr and Matt Kisber who did deals with companies (that were not transparent) including NISSAN and I suspect that employment #'s might have been tweaked. I say this because a former NISSAN employee from Smyrna told me that according to the IDB bond rules NISSAN had to maintain certain #'s of they would have to pay the state excessive taxes.I'm NOT saying that Michael Thomason is corrupt. I'm saying that he worked for people that I deemed corrupt.

EVERYONE has a different definition of corruption. Some people think favoritism and hiding true facts is "simply doing a friend a favor" the state of Tennessee & Nashville needs to define the word.

This way people will understand what is OK and what is NOT.
Good News!   Bob Corker's office has sent my issue to the DOJ....
Bad News!  It's collecting dust in Eric Holder's office....

Again, thank you for asking the question sorry this is so choppy.... Just trying to give you bits and pieces that might show the LEVEL of cronyism and corruption.   Also I was told "if" the government leaders & bureaucrats had ethical business practices and eliminated the pork... Nashville & Tennessee would have surpluses and NOT rely on the Federal Government for so much "assistance".

Sharyn Bovat

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