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Nissan Whistle Blower Emails Matt Kisber Reagan Farr and LBMC and Asks Them to Have NISSAN Legal Contact Her

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Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Reaches Emails Matt Kisber, Reagan Farr and LBMC She Wants Them to Forward a Message to NISSAN Legal

Taxpayers' $1.4B 'Investment' in Nissan EV

May Make Volt Look Good by Comparison  by Paul Chesser 04/06/2012

While General MotorsChevy Volt assembly workers are sidelined for five weeks (and more this summer) because demand for its strongly hyped electric car is weak, the prospects for its chief rival – Nissan’s Leaf – are shaky at best….

Can Someone at the ECD or LBMC send this message to NISSAN Legal Eagles Scott Becker & Andrew Tavi: Mr. Tavi YOU told me to get a lawyer ... We'll they want 30%. Sirs I can get a mediator and that will save NISSAN Money. I'm not a greedy person I  just want what's fair which is "what" I told Mr. Tavares I'd charge to  be a change agent- I  gave him a quote and told him I'd be paid when change happens.  That quote did NOT include being jailed 3 times, harassment, slander, and other unexpected retaliation received for whistle blowing. 
In reference to changes that  I told Mr. Tavares about Nissan has used MANY of my ideas, I can prove that Critical Mass, TBWA/Chait have looked at my suggestions along with the Designery... If I don't get paid the agreed amount then what NISSAN did is Plagiarism - that is TACKY!  

The reason WHY I don't want to have a big legal battle is my child; She was 7 when I became a whistle blower and she’s 10 now.  I don’t want to spend the next 2 years in Tennessee courts.   I want OUT of Tennessee.

Rob Trayham Said in Court that I Just Wanted to Sue...  He Tried to Make it Look Like i Just Wanted Money from NISSAN.   If What I Was Doing Was About Money I Would Have Taken a Check in Spring 2009 When Mark Stout Offered One....Or When NISSAN Legal VP Andrew Tavi called me & Suggested That I Get a Lawyer to Contact NISSAN to Work out a Deal in summer 2009  .... I Told Them I Wanted to Represent MYSELF.... Because Part of a Deal Was for NISSAN to Act Ethically with Taxpayer Money....NISSAN did NOT Want to Deal With Me Directly Because I Wanted to Hand a List Of Corrupt Behavior Over at the Same Time...NISSAN HR Did NOT Want That List...Why?

FYI-The stuff involves Kisber and Farr.

LBMC: I can prove that the Rogue was going to be made in Mississippi UNTIL I told Mr. Tavares to build it in Tennessee because the EV the Leaf was NOT going to create jobs.  Maybe Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr can take me to lunch and I they can “thank me” for the jobs that I created in Tennessee.  Then they can tell me WHY the state gave NISSAN so much money with out oversight.   Remember I was the top relocation consultant.

Tennessee ECD: I still want to "hand over the list of corrupt spending"..... like i told you 2 years ago.... I think the feds are "already" aware of some of the issues. The Good Ole Boys at NISSAN are corrupt to the bone. Some people should go to jail....It won’t happen with the TN judicial system so I’m looking at the FEDERAL options:  I'm preparing documents to PROVE that certain people were aware of the FRAUD. That makes them accessories.  Maybe Brancheau can bunk with Blagojevich. I wonder how Mark Perry and Trisha Jung will look in stripes? The French higher level executives that led the fraud in the USA have "fled" Catherine Perez is in Japan..... UK native Brian Carolin will flee before they call him in for interrogation. He would not do well in jail... he's a Pretty Boy.

Good Ole Boys Kisber and Farr:  From what I hear a MAJOR shake up is happening after the elections. I just don't know if it's Sarkozy or Obama..... Both should be toast for letting ALL the corruption happen in their countries.  Actually the SOLAR market is terrible in America… I bet you two “cashed out” before the crash?

Hope ya'll had a great Easter!!!

Sharyn Bovat


Mr.Tavares emailed me more than a few times after this email.....WHY?

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Sent: Jun 18, 2009 10:57 AM
Subject: Web site statistics

2,385 viewers have gone to My Site!

This ONLY the Beginning!!!

One Woman's "Out of The Box" attempt to Change the Corporate Culture at
Nissan's USA Headquarters

"Nissan management needs to control wasteful spending and excessive perks to
executives and they need to do this to show respect to employee's and the
people that assist them, by their poor management and greed more people will
lose their jobs, They're playing games with people's lives......It's Wrong"

this is my thought....Maybe the Wasteful Spending Was A Way for an "Internal
Alliance" to Purchase Loyalty??? Nissan HR executives Stop Playing
Games.... What I've seen is Wrong!!!

~The American Taxpayer is NOT happy about helping corporations that can't
CONTROL spending~

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To: Marlin Chapman
To: Mark Stout. --- email
To: Greg Kelly
To: Dominique' 'Thormann
Sent: Jun 18, 2009 4:20 PM
Subject: to HR

"Most of the Important things in the world have been accomplished by people who
have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all".....  Dale Carnagie

Good Afternoon Executives,

At Starbucks reading a book called Hardball for Women the emphasis is on
leadership,  building confidence and Team  building....mainly for executives.

For the most part I think I'm assertive and confident when dealing with men in
business.  Even so I keep trying to improve, so new idea's don't scare me.

The issue in the book that made my eye's pop is that many women in the workforce
have GREAT idea's to save cost and re organize but most women don't know how to
express themselves  and they take a "back seat" approach.

Your gender demographics  are Horrible.  You make cars so it's somewhat understandable.  Still.... I've heard some things that make me ???  The lack of female leadership. 

I'm  inspired now ....  Over 2300 have been to my web site in the last 6

days....I'm being heard.  I'm NOT alone.

Maybe some of your female employee's at the lower levels would like to become more  active "team" members and share their idea's??? I will draft a proposal to do brainstorming for "just" the women of Nissan.  

Let's hear what they have to say.  Maybe there's been a "great" idea locked  in a drawer. 

I understand Six Sigma (value added)fundamentals.  I'm not good at the statistics.... but I can get those cost saving "thoughts" out of people and make them feel like their a part of a TEAM.  I'm getting a check from Nissan so how about letting me DO something?  Each month I've offered to do something for the money I receive. I'll  just keep trying. 

Have a Great Day!!!!


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Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 18:52:29


Subject: Very important Sharyn

Mr. Tavares

Andrew Tavi one of your lawyers has told me I violated the letter from legal because I cc'd you on my response to Mr. Berger. Therefore Nissan is going to file a lawsuit against me. He has generously given me 24 hours notice on the upcoming filing.

I have told the truth on my website. I'm an American & with that comes the Freedom Of Speech. What happened to me was wrong.

What I saw at Nissan needed to be addressed & I have it documented that many times I wanted to give someone "issues" internally but nobody listened to me. As an American and a taxpayer my questions about spending should not be shunned. I was a valuable asset that has been treated poorly because I know too much. I will adjust part if my web site as a peace offering ...... if I can be assured a meeting with a lawyer that Mr. Tavares recommends also I will represent myself. A lawyer would make this about money and would try to make headlines. My issue is Changing the Corporate Culture at Nissan.

Mr. Tavares I respect you and know that your a busy man. I know you would not want me or any other employee/former contractor to suffer unfairly, I need someone at Nissan to treat me with respect.

Have a Great Day!


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Sent: Jun 29, 2009 3:34 PM
Subject: Recinding paragraph #2

Mr. Berger and Mr. Tavi,

Good Afternoon Nissan Legal.

If possible can you please rescind paragraph 2 before the holiday weekend?

I'm back in town and available for litigation. I want MY reputatuon back so your lawsuit could be the best thing.

Have a Great Day!!!


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Sent: Jul 9, 2009 12:03 AM
Subject: Your letters to Sharyn Bovat

Mr. Berger,

Going out of town tomorrow. If you want to fed ex me please call my cell
615-415-6675 & I will tell you how to find me.

You never returned my call from over a week ago?

Paragraph 2 in your initial letter is unreasonable. Therefore if you do not return my call & email request discussing the matter I will act accordingly & take your silence as a nod to rescind.

Clarification, If I do not receive an email, fed ex or call from you by July
15th I will consider all letters received by Nissan legal to date deemed void.

Have a Great Evening,


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Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 20:53:03
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Mr. Tavi,

Yesterday I was contacted by a vendor I used to recommend to my clients. I was
told of ongoing "extreme" spending that ended a little over 2 weeks ago. This
person wants to help me in my quest for ethical change and offered to pull
invoices if needed. I said thank you but my hope is that change has happened
and we won't have to dwell on negativity.

My "thought" is that my issue of bad spending has been heard and you can't
change the past. Bringing up new issues will only hurt Nissan. It's time to
make things better.

If you want the information I can get it to you.

Have a Great Day!


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Sent: Mon, Jul 20, 2009 4:39 pm
Subject: email

Mr. Tavi,

On the 15th of last week I emailed Carren Faulkenberry and cc'd you.  she never received my email (most likely banned) please confirm with me that you received this one.  This  will be my new private address.

I'm working on a very important relocation, mine, & I will need a contact at Nissan.  Also Marlin Chapman is busy in training.  is there another person I can call?

Thank You & Have a Great Day!


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Sent: Tue, Jul 21, 2009 3:22 pm
Subject: letter

Mr. Von Arb,

I did not hear back about my letter?  pls go to so you can learn of the
situation. it's a simple letter confirming terms agreed to by Marlin Chapman. Basically that Nissan would pay me to August 15th and my role is in house consultant.

today I'm not asking for money just a letter.

if money were my motivation I would have taken it from Mark Stout.  my issue is Ethics.

I have had letters from legal but on the 15th they were deemed void due to their non. response .

Also, I did have a phone conversation with Mr. TavI on June 23rd.  He was directed by a higher authority and told me that if I took my website down he could make sure that I would be paid.  Sir, being paid
is a different issue.

I've said on my website that I will take it down when Mr. Tavares tells me.  I will ask for you when I arrive today if needed.  pls call me at 615-415-6675 with any questions.  Thank you for your assistance.

Sharyn Bovat

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To: Greg Kelly
To: Dominique' 'Thormann
To: Mark Stout. --- email
To: Marlin Chapman
Sent: Jul 22, 2009 11:10 PM

Subject: My Security

Nissan Human Resources,

Yesterday "Rob" from legal tried to intimidate me.  He had his boys standing
near their trucks all staring me down.   I did something Bold and their (your) 
mad.....I get it.   I've become a tourist attraction at Starbucks by a few  and
that's OK.  I did this I take responsibility. 

That said....I do NOT want any more drive bys of my home.

I do NOT want to be followed when my daughter is in the car.

Word is getting out about the "Girl in the Black Honda".  Today I had to show
the website to a guy to explain why I did not get a letter.

People have warned me that going against a Good Ole Boy Alliance
could be dangerous.   I get it.   Actually I visioned this a month ago.    

Do not give out my address and promote this behavior.

FYI.....If those with Rutherford plates continue I will call the REAL police.

Sirs, you don't want that. 

I think I've told you before....I'm strong and I've got the truth.

Have a Good Night,


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I got an email from Mr. Tavares in February 2010...... Why?

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