Saturday, April 7, 2012

The NISSAN CEO & French President Could Know the Terrorist Behind 9-11...... Can Someone INVESTIGATE? There's are Reason WHY so Many Read my Blog.....Iranian President Pictured in a NISSAN

The President of Iran Being Driven in a NISSAN.  Guess it's the Preferred Car of Terrorists.

It Takes TWO to Tango.

The French Government, Renault & NISSAN has been having an ORGY with American DOE Tax Dollars While They're Profiting From Terrorist Nations....Like IRAN!

Boys it's Time Ya'll RESPECTED America. 

I'm Going to Communicate that Your Buddy President Obama has "Sold Out".... Haley Barbour Did Too. 
They're NOT the First American Politicians to Have Sold Their Souls.
JFK was one of them too.  My grandfather was in Naval Intelligence.....Kennedy's CIA Director went to his "club" & so did a LOT of other spooky people.  The place is also loaded with patriots.... Leon Panetta is NOW a member.

There's a Reason WHY My Blog Has Had Millions of Hits and Almost 700,000 Page Views.  My Name is Sharyn Bovat and I Understand WHY the World is so Messed Up.   It's Called Greed and the Boys with Their War Toys Need a Time Out.   Fuck France

This American Woman Wants Romney Because He's NOT Corrupt.....

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