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Message to: Carlos Ghosn, Jim Morton, Donald Rumsfeld, & Randy Martinez of World Airways

Jim Morton the former NISSAN Vice Chairman met the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn at Michelin and he was Ghosn's "right hand man"... After her left NISSAN he still got paid as a consultant and he also served on the board of SAFE PORTS

(it's a company that gets DOD contracts....some would call them war profiteers.... some would say they're patriots...Knowing Jim Morton "was" involved I would have to lean toward the firm being part of the "war mongers that create wars for profit group"  I could be wrong....maybe someone could investigate?)

This is Randy Martinez of World Airways, he too was on the board of SAFE PORTS in 2009.  I had phone conversations with Jim Morton and I'm sure Mr. Martinez found him polite and maybe he did NOT know that Mr. Morton is connected to the "creepy" agent orange CIA/Michelin types.

2009 was the year I started to whistle blow: I told Mark Silverman about the World Airways connection the same day he told me Rahm Emanuel was responsible for "squashing the story of my whistle blowing and the DOE fraud being done in reference to Obama's pet project.

Mr. Martinez is NOW with AAR
(remember Blackwater?)

….My dad worked for World Airways and my biological father could be one of Mr. Martinez’s predecessors…..the former CEO is Ed Daly he saved a lot of orphans... my mom used to be "hot."  She was also raised in an "intelligence" family.   She took me to Hawaii every summer sometimes by way of Manila, Bangkok or Hong Kong..... I had lots of hotel babysitters....

lot of people from HERNDON read my blog. There’s a reason WHY over 2 million hits and hundreds of thousands of page views.

Maybe this is WHY I was considered the #2 Security Risk for NISSAN....or it's the fact that my mom's boyfriend in the mid eighties was the Chief Gun Runner for Iran Contra (a 747 pilot) or it's the fact that I did work for CIA operatives connected to the Reagan Administration.  Ed Daly's friend from Orinda Dean Lesher got me "connected" in 1984..... this was AFTER I had been the roommate in boarding school in 1980 of a girl from El Salvador whose family was assisting America by leading death squads.....   At the age of 9 I went to Lisbon to take part in the Carnation revolution... OK I admit I just sat in a dark hotel room and ate Saltine crackers.....on the way home we were forced to stop in the Azores.   I got interrogated about WHY... My mom told me to tell them it was a vacation.  I told the guy that and he stared at me and was silent...Finally  I broke down and told him I really wanted to go to Disnyland (FYI- I just got back from taking my child to Disneyworld).

If you watch this you'll see me this is from the 1988 RNC convention: I'm saying the pledge of allegiance.   The wife of a former Air America pilot got me the tape.  I hope to go to the Tampa RNC convention....and soon I hope to be going to work (somewhere) if not I'll keep blogging.....OMG what else can I rant about.....Kennedy's assassination.....  (FYI-my grandfather told me nothing)

1992 RNC convention I was on the Haley Barbour team.  There was an epic battle happening for the rights to "Daddy's  RNC Piggy Bank" ....Jeb was battling his brother who was represented by Haley Barbour.   Henry took me backstage specifically told me "where not to go" and I went Rogue and went there.  I got to see Mr. Cheney.   Because I knew "who" the war mongers were I could identify the players. I told former President Ford...(we had tacos) .....he told me "in the end you have to be a team player".... when the Good Ole Boys won I started voting for the democrats... This will be the 1st year since 1988 that I've voted republican.  Guess you could say I'm the real thing when it comes to being a RINO .

I'm a republican because:  I've seen DOE fraud and wasted spending of taxpayer money, President Obama has done NOTHING about discrimination at NISSAN, Renault and NISSAN do business in Iran and the Treasury Bank gave NISSAN a DOE loan of over a Billion dollars....Knowing they would not get paid back.   NISSAN is making a car with "outdated" techonolgy.  Steven Chu KNOWS this and the President lets him continue as the Secretary of Energy.   Also, the "creepy" war mongering element of the CIA is NOW connected to President Obama and I fear needless wars due to the President Obama's incompetence.  The ONLY reason WHY the world has not fallen apart is because the TWO good things Obama did were put Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton in charge of important positions.   BOTH are people I and other "moderates" admire.  Still the Iran issue is BIG and both Clinton and Panetta have to follow President Obama and he "seems" to be too easy on Iran. 

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Feb 12, 2009 – Randy J. Martinez attended the United States Air Force Academy, where he ... operations and strategic planning at World Airways, Inc./World Air Holdings, James C. (Jim) Morton, Jr. is President of Morton Consulting Inc. (former Vice Chairman NISSAN & right hand man)to Carlos Ghosn…before starting Morton Consulting he worked for a firm owned by a friend of the “late” Lee Atwater… Mr Atwater was one of the designers of making the Lockerbie crash NOT IRAN’s fault (he did have a brain tumor).  At the time America needed a quick and successful war to prove the “need” for Defense contracts.  Reagan was leaving the White House times were “changing” Blaming Iran would have hurt the “planned” Invasion of Kuwait……some in Iraq before the 1st Gulf War  “thought” we wanted them to invade (must have been a communications problem???)…The Iraqis  wanted to get rid of  Saddam (he was a tyrant) BUT Saudi paid for the war and they wanted a LONG EMBARGO so they could get more $$$ per barrel.   The boys that make the war toys did NOT like Ronald Reagan’s Peace Through Strength…. They “wanted war baby”…..  Luckily the draft was gone so the war profiteers children would not get “bruised”….  We (America)  needed the French to sell weapons to the “bad guys”  OMG if the enemy only had muskets then there would be no need for the fancy weapons systems being built).  Early childhood memory…..In the early/mid 70’s my dad’s boss let me sit on his lap a lot… One time was when a plane was dead heading to Dulles…   I even got to fly the plane.   Ford’s guy was on board…I told my mom he was cranky… she told me to use the word cantankerous.

Mr. Rumsfeld.....Remember Me??? 

From my Operation Airhead Blog:

On November 23rd 1979 Sharyn Bovat’s life changed her life forever: This was the day after a very quiet Thanksgiving Sharyn's mom was out of town for the holiday taking part in a delegation that was the 1st ALL womens group of elected officials representing America to travel officially travel to China, a communist nation. Sharyn was with her dad a pilot for World Airways who was under a lot of stress he was the pilot’s representative for his union (teamster) and they were on strike. The World Airways strike in 1979 was known as one of the uglyist in Teamster history. In a moment of frustration her dad told her he “could not be in the same room with her because she had the ‘face’ of management.” He told her he did not think she was his child. Sharyn who liked to talk became silent. In 1983 while he was in the hospital dying of cancer her dad said "although I might not be your father.... I'll always be your dad". Then proceeded to tell her 3 pieces of advice. 1) Always pay cash for a car 2) Never get fat if you want to marry a man that drives a cadillac 3) When to double down at the blackjack table.

Sharyn was alone a lot as a child and hearing the worlds from her dad in November 1979 was emotionally devastating. The teenage years are not easy for any child, especially girls. When her identity was questioned Sharyn started to date, drink and swear. Quickly she became the “wild child”

About a month later she was enrolled in a boarding school in San Anselmo California her roommate Lourdes was from El Salvador & her mom was living at the San Francisco Grand Hyatt. They were living in exile during their countries civil war: Sharyn Bovat’s roommate was related to those leading death squads in Central America.

Below was put on my blog it's a letter to the Williamson County DA Kim Helper

February 26th:

 Rob said in court I just wanted to sue. Well if what I've done since started whistleblowing were about money then when Mark Stout the VP of HR offered to give me a check in March 2009 I would have taken the money then,. If this were about money then I would have filed multiple suits a YEAR ago. I was told SLAPP happened to me int TN and NISSAN used the Justice system to discredit a whistle blower.

Kim Helper let NISSAN pay Joe Baugh to"baby sit" my case.

My Baugh called my 1st lawyer and "scared him away.  

Then I represented myself at the preliminary hearing and even got a BIG charge dropped. AFTER that Joe Baugh gave me his card and told me to "stop by his office and we could make this go away"...... Then in October the "re arrest" for the BIG charge occurred in January  2011.

I became friends with Mark SIlverman the editor of the Tennessean and he told me at Sambuca in March 2011 that a person connected to Haley Barbour was part of the "harassment" I received.    He still my friend today and call me multiple time each week.   He just became a grandfather ....little girls name is Nora. 

Get this: he asked if I wanted to work on the Haley Barbour for President campaign. I responded by blogging about RNC racism.

Mark was Haley Barbours "puppet'" for a while and then Barbour screwed him AFTER Mark didn't shut me up and Mr. Barbour stopped his presidential bid.

FYI I'm NOT a big fan of Haley barbour and there's a reason WHY he pardoned so many people and "oddly" a LOT of the files are missing. 

I get a LOT of information because people feel bad for me.  Did ya'll know that "most likely" I'm the illegitimate child of a former VERY powerful person? 

His friend Dean Lesher
  (who was a personal friend of the Reagans) took me in under his wing when I was 19. That's WHY I did "research work"

He was friends with
"these people"

Mark Silverman found out the same day he told me Rahm Emanuel is responsible for squashing my story.  He told me if I never asked for a DNA test then the media  would never say anything.   The fact is I don't want to hurt my family.  YET the idea of having issues of Lockerbie being exposed would hurt my family more.  I don't know what to do and want "someone" to help.  

Many people in the south are "like me" political prisoners. It's a SOUTHERN THING.   It's disgusting and WHY someone told me they decided against moving to TN.

During the 19+ months of fighting charges that led to being jailed 3 times I was "found guilty" of a misdemeanor = to a speeding ticket and had to pay a $50 fine.

I  was told that it's the same as Occupy Nashville protestors and they got their record expunged within 24 hours by the Governor.

Oddly After I got the fine then a judge who many in the community told me was going to “jail me for  year” gave me probation for the class C misdemeanor.  I looked at the form and it was NOT ordered by the judge that presided over my trial.  I have a voicemail from the probation officer saying I KNEW on Feb 1st about a probation meeting that I missed:

 The fact is I was NEVER told I had probation and it’s truly just another form of humiliation.  Some people told me they fear that NISSAN was going to encourage the state to have me arrested again.    For a long time people connected to a Good Ole Boy network have followed me, sent me death threats  and have  harassed me.  I used to report it to the police but I’ve been told that they too are “in the Good Ole Boy Network”

NOW numerous member so conservative community are saying they will help me petition governor Haslam and ask that I get "the OCCUPY" treatment & that's RESPECT.

Now I need to work but NISSAN never helped me with my references and I have court document stating that. Nissan NEVER followed through on training they had promised me. Had HR just treated my humanly "after I whistle blew" I could have "moved on" and worked in a different industry.

Last week I was harassed “yet again” by grey haired men driving NISSAN’s wearing “shades” (mirrored sunglasses).  I did panic BUT instead of reporting it to the police who ignore the issues I chose a “different route” then I got a call from a representitive of the state and it appears the state is NO LONGER letting NISSAN control the judicial system/DA’s office.   The Good Ole Boys seem to have friends at the Franklin police department. 

People NOW know the NISSAN Leaf is gonna be a “flop” and I have people stepping forward wanting to testify that the battery plant was “built to fail” reference to the DOE loan fraud and human rights abuses my case is STRONGER.

 I've been told that since the LARGE Class A misdemeanor was dropped TWICE.... once in the summer of 2010 and the other on February 1st 2012. The malicious prosecution is responsible for my documented HIGH blood pressure.

 Members of the legal community from ALL over America have told me to work on a MALICIOUS PROSECUTION case and identify NISSAN as the aggressor....for they "swore out" the warrant

One judicial advocate said "it's your obligation to society" to fight this. You've been hurt YES but so have MANY others and they need YOU to tell NISSAN that using the judicial system as a way to discredit a whistleblower is NOT the purpose of the judicial system.

In the last year NISSAN had PROVEN to have Lied to congress about he capability of their EV and sales are slow & jobs will NOT be created like they promised. Also "like I blogged about for 2 years" and NOW many have read my blogs and numerous EV experts have come forward and offered to stand by me & say that YES NISSAN took money for a car that was being built with "outdated technology" and person that worked with that technology will testify that the EV NISSAN has provide via the Leaf "no chance" of living up to the technology that they congress.

NISSAN & Tennessee ya'll have a few weeks to "figure things out" I have a child and you've ALREADY taken too much of my energy. I want my reputation back I can't have a misdemeanor on my record.  I'm fighting for my reputation and NOW for America. 

This IRAN thing is BIG and your gonna have to “restructure your DOE loan”  Bob Corker explained it to Mark Silverman at breakfast one day but I don’t think that plan will “no longer be agreeable”.  From what I hear that Senator is a “born again conservative.”  I recently told one of his opponents to focus on “Lamar’s seat”

 Fun fact.  That US Senator stepped down from his leadership position less than 12 hours AFTER I sent some information about the DOE fraud to the office of a very powerful person.  One who want America to be financially healthy.

More soon.... I have to do summaries to EXPLAIN all this to various "legal" eagles. Also, a person that worked for Ronald Reagan wants a bio/summary for a project about my fight for respect for our American troops. The issue of Renault doing business with IRAN is real and it will be BIG!

 It's time for NISSAN to show respect for the Troops, the Taxpayers & the Whistleblower.

Sharyn Bovat

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