Monday, March 12, 2012

Renault Spy Scandal Doubles. Sharyn Bovat Told Ghosn Won't Comment. There's a Criminal Investigation

I Knew they were innocent BEFORE Carlos Ghosn said he had MULTIPLE Proofs. 

Also I knew that I had to get the attention of the French Government.   Once Ghosn "purchased" the proof it would be had to vindicate.  Just ask the Lockerbie bomber.

Renault SPY Scandal "the Prequel" is growing a criminal investigation.

It's reported that Carlos Ghosn might be questioned. FINALLY there might be "some justice."

 NISSAN and Renault have a HISTORY of Falsly accusing people of Spies.....It's Disgusting.


Renault Luxembourg Departures Reviewed in False-Spying Inquiry

An investigation into false spying claims against three Renault SA (RNO) executives fired last year was expanded to include three more departures from the French automaker’s Luxembourg retail group in 2009, the company said.

“The judge is investigating the circumstances of the departures, in 2009, of three employees of RRG Luxembourg,” as part of a probe opened in March 2011, the company said in an e- mailed statement March 6. Renault, which said it was a victim of the fraud, said it is continuing to cooperate.

Renault fired the French workers after receiving an anonymous tip that they hid money paid to them for spying on the automaker’s electric-car program in bank accounts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Investigators found the accounts didn’t exist and the men hadn’t spied on the company, and Renault apologized, saying it was a victim of manipulation.

Etienne Mars, the Luxembourg unit CFO fired in 2009, told French investigators in September that invoices had been falsified to evade taxes, Liberation said yesterday, citing an internal report by the Paris prosecutor from November.

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