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NISSAN Whistleblower Reaches Out to Tennessee Political Leaders..... Told of MORE Possible Fraud & Wants Them to Investigate

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Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower: Told NISSAN Leaf was Pryamid Scam Connected to Yakuza. Other Issue: Viewer of Bovat's Blog told her about Yates Construction/Matt Kisber Link and Bovat REFUSES to Investigate and Wants the ECD to Do it.
USA Today (today) reported that EV sales will be LESS than 1% through 2017

NISSAN has the capaciaty to build "global demand" for the Leaf in Japan. It would be foolish to keep funding a battery plant that is "destined to fail". I was told a LONG time ago Matt Kisber did deals that were going to fail. A friend of the NISSAN CEO confirmed it. That man has taken Federal/State ECD money and has not created jobs. OMG!!!

The Tennessess ECD and the American taxpayer funded a LOT of projects that are "iffy." I got a call that people at Yates Construction are connected to the NISSAN Good Ole Boys. I did NOT do the research. I think that's YOUR job. Maybe they just had the best bid? Solar stocks are tanking and odds are some of Matt's deals were "bad bets"...I got an email saying the Solar fraud that used a LOT of money in TN is SEC issue.

Becoming a Fraud investigator is NOT what I want to do. Ask Silverman He KNOWS All I want is this nightmare to be over & I want to to MOVE out of Tennessee. Ya'll terrify me.

Please Tell NISSAN to stop the harassment of the Whistleblower & at the Same Time ask for RESPECT for the Taxpayer. This story is "leaking"

I would think Tennessee would NOT want to be known as the Good Ole Boy State?

Thank You

Sharyn Bovat


Email from Former member of Mafia to Sharyn Bovat & Mark Silverman's link to CIA and Assasination Attempt on Castro

Sharyn Bovat Was Told About 6 Months Ago That Carlos Ghosn Does Deals With Yakuza

NISSAN Whistleblower Told the Electric Car was a Pyramid Scam and Bovat Blogged about the Fraud to Protect the Taxpayers. Someone Owes Sharyn an APOLOGY!!!

Even with $4 gas, electric cars face dark days

March 12 USA Today

Over the last four to five years, automakers -- along with the federal government, Michigan, Indiana and other states -- have invested billions into the development of electric vehicles and the infrastructure to support them. But in 2011, electric vehicles, including the extended-range Volt and Leaf, amounted to just one-tenth of 1% of vehicle sales.

The low sales rate will increase at a slow pace over the next few years, according to industry consulting firm LMC Automotive, which predicts sales of electric or plug-in electric vehicles will stay under 1% through 2017

Gannett it's Time to Report the NEWS

Could NISSAN be the NEXT Olympus? A Detailed Article about there HIGH level Whistleblower Shows Dodgey Accounting.... Stuff Dominique Thormann Would Do.... NISSAN did a Press Release 12 Hours AFTER I Said He Was a BAD Spender of Taxpayer Money....He Know Where the Hidden Cost Centers Are!
I had heard at parties with NISSAN employees that the FAILED Nissan Leaf was "Haley Barbours ticket to the White House" ... The Guy the Promotes the Tea Party and Sarah Palin is a former War Profiteer....He's a Genius Too

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