Sunday, March 11, 2012

Freedom & Success is NOT Easy But it Can Happen ...ALL it takes is RESPECT for ALL People

Sure when I was YOUNG said some stupid things to people that had the "ear" of the President:  "...watching people on TV trying to flee for freedom breaks my heart....that fence need to go"

Why when I had the "ear" of NISSAN Board member Carlos Tavares did I tell him of problems at NISSAN North America?
It seemed like the "other guy" listened.

 When visiting Berlin in 2000 and standing on BOTH sides showed me CHANGE can happen....  People can live together in peace;

Thank you to My Parents (who raised me to be "color blind")

Thank you to Dean Lesher, Ed Daly, Former President Gerald Ford, Sonny Bono, Dianne Feinstein, Alan Cranston, Bob Dornan, Bob Dole and MANY others.... for they took the time to teach me how to "speak up" for what was morally right or they let me know that "my thoughts" mattered.

I don't know if change is happening at NISSAN/Renault.  I do know that people are listening in the GOP.  Once Respect is part of the "agenda" then Good Things Happen.

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