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Email to BlackRock and Alliance Bernstein

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Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Fears ***Gannett Stock*** might Fall Fast After Issues of NISSAN DOE Fraud Connected to Solyndra are Exposed .. Gannett's TOP Executives Knew that Taxpayer Money Was Wasted and They "Sat on the Story" to Protect President Obama. Issue at DOJ

To BlackRock & Alliance Bernstein Elite:
The NISSAN Leaf EV is "failing" and jobs won't be happening in Tennessee: Gannett knew about it & let 2 federal budgets get passed and the DOE loan was drawn down. Today I'm asking Gannett Shareholders to ask for RESPECT for the taxpayers. Stories about a whistleblower and DOE fraud were ignored to protect the "green" agenda of the Obama administration. In the end ALL taxpayers and the American economy will suffer.

text from Gannett's Mark Silverman to me.... Links NISSAN to Solyndra

SHARYN BOVAT (me) is scared - I’m the former relocation consultant to high level NISSAN executives who became a whistleblower in 2009 and in January 2011 I started an affair with Mark Silverman Gannett’s Ben Bradlee winning editor who got the Pulitzer prize nomination . NOW I’m going public with issues of DOE fraud that Gannett knew about and did not report. Senator Bob Corker's office sent issues to the DOJ and Eric Holder's office is "sitting on them"

NISSAN executives swore out warrants & I was jailed 3 times to be discredited.
FYI- I used to do research for CIA operatives (but I quit decades ago) and NISSAN uses ex CIA in Corporate Security. I used to spend time with people connected to Iran Contra, the Lockerbie Cover Up and the Fall of Communism (1 out of 3)
On court transcripts the relocation consultant (me) was called the #2 security risk stated by the head of corp. security for ALL the Americas (1/3 of the planet).
I'm a carpool mom whose a whistlblower ... I'm not a (#2 risk) corporate spy.
Gannett "embargod" the story ... Yet the top editor still slept with me. Why?
He also STILL calls me almost everyday.
FYI- When Renault had a spy scandal I'm the person in January that told the French government the Renault executives were innocent. I even did a press release and the NISSAN CEO then went on TV saying they were guilty and he had "multiple proofs". I knew that Carlos Ghosn was "purchasing" his proof. The NISSAN CEO was most likely involved with Iran Contra and the Lockerbie cover-up. Iran most likely did it- I most likely put a picture of me with one of the terrorist on my blog. I put a dot over the face of the Lebanese guy who helped with the "cover up"
Back to Today's Point:

Gannett let 2 federal budgets get passed and ignored a pyramid scheme. I believe Gannett did this to protect the Obama administration. FYI- I voted for President Obama in 2008, I’m voting for Mitt Romney in November.
NISSAN used a taxpayer backed IDB bond as the collateral for a DOE loan funded by the Treasury bank. Once exercised Rutherford County will have BIG debt service fees.
NISSAN has OVER Billion in IDB debt with various Tennessee cities and counties.
NISSAN and the state treat bonds like a credit card and keep “rolling it over.”
The Dept. Of Energy used an Obama bundler to do Due Diligence on the 1.4 billion DOE loan.
The "scam" done to Tennessee was done by a LOT of people that are connected to Rahm Emanuel.
For over 2 years I've been bullied: Good Ole Boy networks are known for retaliation. I've had death threats. The Tennessee police ignore the threats that I try to report. One death threat Sharyn found out is linked to person who worked for NISSAN executives that knew of deals with Haley Barbour ( he gave NISSAN some great deals in Mississippi…some of his people and NISSAN people connected to Carlos Ghons profited from Hurricane Katrina money…. It’s sleazy). It's NOT easy being a whistleblower.
Mark Silverman of Gannett told me at lunch in March 2011 that Haley Barbour "directly" had nothing to do with harassment she received. It was an "overzealous staffer" (evidently Haley Barbour cut a deal with Rahm Emanuel about the 2012 presidential race: When I learned of the backroom deal I emailed Ed Gillespie’s office and luckily he and Karl Rove stopped it: Mr. Barbour dropped out of the Presidential race then immediately after Mark Silverman was no longer getting the top job at the Washington Times. In June 2011 Mark Silverman told me it was Rahm Emanuel who’s responsible for the story of DOE fraud being squashed.
Too many people have told me I've "pissed off the wrong people." I’m writing you today because I learned that the “stockholders” can force a company to be ethical.
I’m asking you to make Gannett show RESPECT for the taxpayers. All they have to do is to REPORT the NEWS!
Thank You
Sharyn Bovat

this court transcript has the head of Corporate Security saying Sharyn Bovat the relocation consultant is the 2nd BIGGEST threat he'd seen in his 30 year career.  HELLO!!!

I was ONLY a threat to people that were doing something UNETHICAL.

I have emails to PROVE that I wanted to hand over a list to Andrew Tavi of wasteful spending but he did not want it.

Ya'll at NISSAN are corrupt to the bone.

Americans Deserve RESPECT!!!

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